The Pastor

Shauntae and I

My journey started on the plains of Nebraska, veered north to Alaska, and slid south to Seattle before meandering here to Utah. But that’s the boring stuff, the story is much more exciting when Jesus enters the scene.

From as early as I can remember I felt somewhat out of place; as if there was a void in my life. Which is somewhat strange because I had loving parents, and by all accounts a solid upbringing. But something was always missing, something that even the most loving parents cannot provide. As I got a little older I attempted to fill that void with many of the sinful remedies the world offers lost souls. This led to a difficult life marked with much pain and suffering for myself and those that cared for me.

Then after many years of running in the world, the Lord brought me into contact with a beautiful, freshly born again woman who would eventually become my wife. This sassy young lady introduced me to the Jesus I never knew by means of a Christian book, which I agreed to read (although probably just to impress her!). Whatever the reason, the Holy Spirit got a hold of me and I was not so gently reminded of the fact that I am a sinner. I stayed up all night pouring over the Bible, reading this book, and thinking about my life. Then, at about 4:30am if I remember correctly, all the sins that I had committed throughout my life came flooding back to my mind. All at once I felt the guilt and shame attached to them… I was convicted. I felt the weight of it all crushing me, and I couldn’t bear the burden of it. Huddled on the floor of my house I wept and prayed for forgiveness. I asked Jesus Christ into my life; to be my Lord and Savior.

In that moment two realizations finally sank in. First, the world has no remedy for human brokenness and freedom from sin. Jesus is the only One powerful enough to fulfill that responsibility and provide that freedom. Second, I’m broken, and I need forgiveness and relief from guilt, shame, and death. I need peace with God, and through the Cross at Calvary, Jesus provides it… daily!

As I went forward I found that He also provides purpose, which is how I’ve found myself here at Calvary Chapel St. George. In this place my wife Shauntae, daughter Ruby, and I hope to serve the Lord in a manner that reflects the gifts He has given to us; none more precious than His life for ours!